Sound Women – new group for women in radio

Sound Women is a new group for women working in radio, launched in June this year. It’s the brain-child of former BBC Executive Producer, Maria Williams, who posted about the need for such a group on her blog the day after the 2011 Sony Awards.

The first aim of the group is to create a network of 300 inspirational women who can be the visible face of women in radio/audio – appearing on panels, being judges for awards such as the Sonys etc. An excellent idea – count me in. I’d recommend that all woman in radio and audio put themselves forward, too.

Are all women welcome? I hope so. I’m a bit uneasy with Maria’s (probably light-hearted) quip in her first post: she writes that the new organisation will not be one where “tired women sit about grumbling about childcare and chauvinism” – but a “really dynamic one, which motivates and inspires women to go for that big job, take risks creatively, push to be given opportunities, and to take charge of their own careers and the industry”. Is the distinction so clear-cut? You can be going for the big jobs and being tired and worried about childcare all at the same time. If, as the Skillset research (pdf) shows, there are fewer women than men in the radio industry over the age of 35, then tiredness, childcare and chauvinism are probably high among the factors contributing to the inbalance. But let’s not go into that now.

I send my best wishes to Sound Women and hope that it inspires women at all levels and in all radio/audio sectors to sign up and join in.

Sound Women
Skillset Research
Training and career advice links on the Women’s Radio Group website

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